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Intrepid Times began as the personal ‘travel journal’ of founder, Nathan J. Thomas. Since then we’ve started featuring interviews with travel writers, and our readership – whilst still modest – has been growing steadily. A large chunk of our recent visitors have come from the United States, with other readers scattered around the world, from New Zealand to Senegal.

We’d therefore like to ‘open the floor’ for established and aspiring travel writers to use this platform to have some of their writing published. All submissions must fit the theme of Intrepid Times: written by and for wanderers, nomads, travelers. We aren’t interested in sightseeing trips, luxury cruises or the 10 best hotel deals in Belize. We are interested in stories, experiences, characters, insights.

We want your stories to come from a place of awe and fascination – that feeling the traveler gets when you enter into a strange new land – and we want our readers to share that feeling, that experience, with you.

That is our criteria. We do not publish fiction, so your story must be a true record of a journey or travel experience which you have had. We will require a couple of authentic photographs you have taken from each piece. You may include a link back to your own website and social media profiles alongside a short biography at the end of each post.

We have no interest in SEO or ‘content marketing.’ Whilst we hope that your inclusion here will generate some traffic and new readers for your own website, we’d like your primary goal to come from the impulse to share and communicate an experience or journey that you found meaningful.

Length is flexible but can be between 800-2000 words. All submissions must be unique – i.e not published anywhere else. We reserve the right to reject any submissions for any or indeed no reason at all.

If you’ve read all of the above, please email your submission or suggestion to with ‘Intrepid Times Submission’ in the subject line. We aren’t fussy about format.

We respond to all submissions and you’ll hear from us within 7 days.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!

The Intrepid Times Team.

Nathan James Thomas

Author Nathan James Thomas

Nathan Thomas founded Intrepid Times as a vehicle for sharing stories from the road and as an excuse to meet and interview his favorite writers. Currently based in Poland, Nathan spent two years in China and has traveled extensively in Asia and Eastern Europe.

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  • Shilpa Tiwari says:

    This sounds fantastic! I would love to write but would I also be paid for my efforts?

  • Hi Shipla. Good questions! As a professional writer myself, I don’t believe in working for free, and don’t expect other writers to do so either. We are happy to pay contributors for approved articles on a case by case basis. Feel free to read our criteria above and submit your work. I look forward to reading your story!
    Nathan Thomas
    Intrepid Times Editor

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