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Top 10 Travel Songs for Hopeless Wanderers

  Here are my top 10 travel songs for hopeless wanderers – serious travel songs best enjoyed in the company of a stiff drink or on a train late at night (or, ideally, both). The choices are pretty personal so definitely not a great fit for everyone, but if you’ve got a bit of the […]

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Rhythms of the Road

They’re building a shopping mall next door. Sounds of drilling rip open the suburban evening. The sun is setting out the window to my left. It’s so strange to be still. It took me seven days to get from Istanbul to Poznan. No flights. One overnight bus, three sleeper trains and a delirious 3 hour […]

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Lost in the Light of Dawn

We crossed into Bulgaria shortly after midnight. Aside from an elderly Chinese couple I was the only tourist¬†onboard. The other passengers blended in with the fabric of the bus. A¬†women in a black leather jacket, ragged face, dark makeup. Old men in blazers with white hair. A young man, short hair, pudgy face, who coughed […]

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