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Reflections on China from the Tokyo Tower

We hightailed it outta Tianjin through smog that caught in your throat, erased buildings barely 50 meters away, and tinged everything with a sickly orange-brown hue. Jaded from over a year in China, the thrill of the unknown, the different, which had attracted us to the country in the first place was replaced by weariness, […]

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Notes From the Back Seat – in Taxis Across China

It’s almost impossible to remain dry in Hong Kong. You either get caught in a tropical monsoon, or the humidity makes you drench yourself with sweat. It helps if you catch a cab. The air conditioning keeps you in a cozy daze as you somehow dodge your way around trams, buses and tourists. But across […]

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Why I Don’t Drive in Shanghai

Stern, unsmiling, green vested traffic cops have appeared at intersections across the city, from the concrete apartment blocks and asphalt overpasses of Putuo to the leafy lanes of the former French Concession. Like most Asian cities, the streets of Shanghai are a mad free for all. Motorbikes whip by, lights out no matter the hour or […]

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