South America
July 14, 2020

Just Scared

A diver-in-training finds herself in the middle of a near panic attack more than 100 feet underwater. How she chooses to handle it teaches her more about herself than the…
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North America
July 8, 2020

Big Rig

A hitchhiker makes an unexpected connection as she thumbs a ride with a road weary trucker. The big rig pulled over to the side of the road and screeched to…
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July 5, 2020

Autumn at Brno Lake

An expat living in Brno spends an autumn day exploring a nearby lake with her parents and finds joy in the moments she's been missing. We sat on the tram,…
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June 30, 2020

Following the Panj

An ancient river separates Tajikistan from Afghanistan. Here, a solo traveler hitches a ride, and swaps stories with locals who live on the edge of the former Soviet Union. The…
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South America
June 25, 2020

Written in the Stars

While lounging in the hot springs of Baños, Ecuador, a traveler encounters a stranger who attempts to predict her romantic future. Grey nose hair is the first thing I see…
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North AmericaUnited States
June 20, 2020

A Life Worth Dying For

Photojournalist B.A. Van Sise takes to the road in the American South to document the happenings as states begin to defiantly reopen after months of lockdown. On a rural stretch…
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June 16, 2020

Beyond Bollywood

A filmmaker travels to Mumbai and discovers the reality behind some of Bollywood's most emotional movies.   Once we landed in Mumbai and descended the plane, we were greeted by…
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June 10, 2020

The Hermitage

A traveler to Lake Maggiore crosses the water and discovers the simple lives of Benedictine monks and the subtle beauty of their dwelling. Many centuries ago, a violent storm and…
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June 5, 2020

After the Earthquake

A traveler in New Zealand experiences the immediate aftermath of the devastating Christchurch earthquake. Almost a decade later, she is ready to tell her story. After six months, thumping dryers…
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South America
May 31, 2020

J’ouvert Morning

Trinidad and Tobago's annual J'ouvert festival wakes a traveler and pulls her into the traditional madness and revelry of the day. In the early hours of a February Monday, I…
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