From Thai Writing Prodigy to Hollywood, South Africa, and Beyond: Interview With Pier Nirandara

by Jennifer Roberts

At 15, Pier Nirandara became Thailand’s youngest English-writing author of three #1 national bestselling novels, fictional stories populated with mermaids, nymphs, and elves. After finding fame at such a young age, she began a career in Hollywood as a film producer, traveled to South Africa, and threw herself into travel writing. Since then, she has won two Lowell Thomas Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers and Gold at the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference 2023. Beyond travel writing, she is the founder of Immersiv Expeditions, leading trips to swim with marine wildlife, and her photography has been recognized by prestigious international competitions including Ocean Photographer of the Year. In short, she wears many travel hats and wears them well!

In this conversation with Intrepid Times’ founder Nathan Thomas, Pier explores how she taps into creativity even while working in the business world, what role awe has played in her life and writing, how she had to overcome imposter syndrome before finally calling herself a “writer,” and more.

Listen to the full conversation here:

(You can also listen on Spotify or iTunes.)

You can find the link to “To the Thai Woman On the Waterfront,” discussed during the episode, here.

You can discover more about Pier’s writing and photography on her website or follow her on Instagram here.

Cover photo: Pier Nirandara

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