The Countries Are Not Enough: Interview With NomadMania Founder, Harry Mitsidis

by Jennifer Roberts

At the age of 36, Harry Mitsidis achieved his personal goal of visiting every country in the world. And then, he did it again, visiting every country in the world a second time. With all the knowledge that comes from extensive travel, he founded NomadMania to bring together a community where almost everybody seems to have been almost everywhere.

In this conversation with Nathan, Harry talks about his motivation for visiting every country in the world twice, how his “addiction to movement” has driven his travels, how he maintains enthusiasm while constantly exploring, and why his recent trip to Ukraine was the most significant one he has ever done. He also offers a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most mysterious and controversial characters in the world of extreme travel who would go on to inspire Harry’s book, The Curious Case of William Baekeland.

Listen to the full conversation here:

[You can also listen on Spotify or iTunes.]

You can find the link to “The Mysterious Heir of Extreme Travel,” discussed during the episode, here. You can discover more about Harry on his website.

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Photos of Harry credit: Harry Mitsidis/NomadMania

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