How Travel Writing Changes Travel: A Conversation With the Editors of Intrepid Times

by Jennifer Roberts

Nathan and I often find ourselves discussing how where we travel to informs our writing, so for this episode we decided to approach the conversation from the opposite direction. We wanted to think about how the travel writing we read can influence and inform where we travel to and how we interact with what we find there. Whether we’ve read just one short travel story or a travel book, what other writers have put out there will inevitably shift our perspective, and what we discovered through this conversation is that maybe that’s a good thing.

In this episode, Nathan and I discuss some examples of when reading about a place helped deepen our understanding, the possible dangers of reading about a place before going there, the power that travel stories have as part of a larger whole that is constantly informing and influencing travelers, and much more.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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