Why We Travel: Interview With Ash Bhardwaj

by Jennifer Roberts

While working as a ski instructor in Europe, Ash Bhardwaj approached his 30s. He’d been traveling for years and loving it. But then something shifted. Travel felt less meaningful somehow, and it became more difficult to reach the same level of emotion as in his early travel days. He realized that he wasn’t sure why he was traveling anymore. What followed were years of adventures as a travel writer, filmmaker, and storyteller that helped him redefine his motivations for traveling and explore exactly what made travel meaningful for him. More recently, he put his insights into his new book, Why We Travel: A Journey Into Human Motivation.

In his recent interview with Nathan Thomas, Ash talks about the role hedonism plays in our motivation to travel, how seeking out the “other” can push us to travel to certain places, why a desire for self-discovery can be a powerful motivator, how certain types of disconnection can lead to the most meaningful travel experiences, and more.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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You can discover more about Ash on his website. We encourage you to pick up a copy of Why We Travel at your local bookstore, but if you prefer, you can grab a copy off of Amazon here.

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