Traveling to the Dark Side of Literature: A Conversation With Brad Kelly

by Jennifer Roberts

Creativity and darkness tend to go hand in hand. Many of the most well-known authors in history have struggled with their dark side, a struggle that so often provided the energy for great writing. This dark side is what Brad Kelly and his co-host Kevin Kautzman explore on their podcast Art of Darkness. In this episode, Nathan invited Brad on to talk about some of the authors that Art of Darkness has covered and how travel specifically played a role in the development of their creativity and writing.

During the episode, Nathan and Brad chatted about authors like Joseph Conrad, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, and more. Brad also offered insight into how researching other authors has both helped and haunted his own writing. And to wrap things up, they talked a bit about…tarot? This is a fascinating episode that lovers of literature won’t want to miss.

Listen to the full conversation here:

(You can also listen on Spotify or iTunes.)

You can discover more about Brad on his website or follow him on Twitter. You can find his book, House of Sleep, here, and definitely don’t forget to check out Art of Darkness.

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