Scholarship Applications Now Open for Aspiring Travel Writers

Update December #1: Scholarship Applications are Now Closed – Winners Will Be Announced Before Christmas!
Article Submissions Remain Open >>

Photo from “The Abandoned Notebook” by Thom Brown, 2020 Intrepid Times Scholarship Winner

Announcing the “Become a Published Travel Writer in 2022” Intrepid Times Scholarship Program

Dear Writer,

Despite the challenges of the last two years, we’ve seen our audience and our community of travel writers grow faster than ever before. Right now, we are experiencing a surge in opportunity for new travel writers to find their voice and get established. We’re here to help support you on that journey.

Following from the success of our “Your First Published Article” scholarship last year, we are once again inviting three budding travel writers to be coaching by Intrepid Times editors and see their work published on Intrepid Times.

Applications are open until December and will be selected before Christmas. The scholarship program will begin in mid January. If you are accepted and follow the advice of your editor/coach, you can expect to see your article published on in the first quarter of 2022.

How The “Become a Published Travel Writer in 2022” Scholarship Works:

  1. Apply with the steps below—it is free and only takes a few minutes.
  2. Winners will be announced in December, and the scholarship will begin January 2022.
  3. If you get accepted, you will be put in touch with a senior Intrepid Times editor. Together, you will work on the idea for a true travel story that has publishing potential.
  4. Once you have decided on a worthy topic, you and your mentor will work out a plan and structure.
  5. Then, you will write the article within a reasonable time frame and send it to your editor-mentor for feedback.
  6. Together, you will improve the article, bringing it into its best possible form.
  7. Your article will be published on
  8. Not only is the article fully attributed to you, but you will also get paid our standard writer’s fee

Apply Today

Application is free, and the deadline is December 1, 2021.
Please fill out the form to proceed to the Scholarship Application Page.
Winners Will Be Announced by December 20, 2021

Update: Applications are Closed but Submissions Remain Open

Best of luck,
The Intrepid Times Team

PS Here’s what other writers who have been mentored by Intrepid Times editors have said:

“I am endlessly grateful for my mentorship with Jennifer and Nathan of Intrepid Times, as it helped me sift through the noise and share my true written voice. I learned how to sprinkle in personal details while still appealing broadly to readers and I learned how to balance being both descriptive and direct. Writing about adventure is an adventure unto itself and I am thrilled to launch into the publication world!”
Sarah Kelly – Read Her Story on Intrepid Times

“The most crucial thing I’m carrying forward from this process is about creating as much value and meaning as possible for the reader. It’s so easy to fall into a diary-style trap when telling travel stories, especially as the essence of them is often rooted in the writer’s personal experiences. This is something I was struggling with; leaving too many breadcrumbs and not enough space for interpretation. But working with the editors at Intrepid Times has allowed me to start moving past that! I feel I can now convey my passion and honesty as an author much better, whilst feeling more connected with my audience.”
Hannah Foster-Roe – Read Her Story on Intrepid Times

“The feedback provided by Nathan and the team was incredibly quick and valuable. Nathan explained how to describe a scene rather than merely stating how it made me feel. While remaining positive at all times, he showed me where I was wasting words and how to reallocate them towards writing a story that truly transports the reader. Most importantly, I learned how to take a real-life journey, strip it down, and then rebuild it as a compelling story.“
Thom Brown – Read His Stories on Intrepid Times