Fearless Footsteps: True Stories That Capture the Spirit of Adventure

In 2019, Intrepid Times held an international writing competition on the theme of overcoming fear. The winning stories were selected for the book Fearless Footsteps, published globally by Exisle Publishing in 2020. This inspirational collection of true travel stories proves that the best journeys are to be had when you feel the fear but go anyway. From a nervous flier anxiously taking to the skies for the first time to a female traveller braving the Middle East, from a death-defying hike on an Indonesian volcano to the anxious freedom of finding yourself alone on the other side of the world, these stories are certain to send you looking for your passport.

We believe passionately that real travel writing with heart is here to stay, so we could not be more excited about this opportunity to reach travelers and readers around the world. Fearless Footsteps will be out and “in good bookstores everywhere” in November. It’s already available to pre-order from Amazon.com!