Covid-19 Travel Experience

AsiaCovid-19 Travel Experience
November 11, 2020

Finding Solace in a Tokyo Bookshop

A spontaneous drinking bout in a Tokyo bookshop helps a jaded expat rediscover the spirit of travel. “Well that’s certainly the most pissed I’ve been in a bookshop,” I wheezed…
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Covid-19 Travel ExperienceEurope
September 28, 2020

Traveling Bravely During Covid-19

A reluctant traveler tries to get through her first Covid-19 flight without succumbing to overwhelming anxiety and loneliness. Contrary to my normal behavior of feeling terrified of flying, or terrorists, this time…
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Covid-19 Travel Experience
August 24, 2020

Travel Through Windows

A life-long traveler discovers how travel through windows can help keep the wanderlust at bay amidst the Covid-19 shutdowns. I love the story of Rapunzel. The girl who gets locked…
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