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Discover what it’s like to travel in India, with true travel stories from locals, tourists, expats, journalists and adventurers. Discover the festivals, experience Mumbai vicariously, and journey through words through one of the world’s most diverse and fascinating countries.

April 14, 2022

Five Hundred Rupees

A woman finds a friend in a local tailor in India but struggles to connect with his assistant, a young girl from a nomadic tribe.…
July 14, 2021

On the Taj Express

A mistake leads to adventure when a traveler in India misses her station, and strikes up spontaneous conversations with local commuters. The train’s window disappoints…
October 5, 2020

Remnants of the Raj

An Indian traveler attempts to come to terms with the complex legacy of British colonialism. Like every Indian, I too lament the many ills inflicted…
June 16, 2020

Beyond Bollywood

A filmmaker travels to Mumbai and discovers the reality behind some of Bollywood's most emotional movies.   Once we landed in Mumbai and descended the…