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South America

True travel stories set in countries throughout South America. Discover what it’s like to travel in Guatemala, Chile, Columbia, Argentina and beyond. Got a story to share? Submit your own travel writing.

South America
March 8, 2021

A Book for a Book

A mugging in the colorful port town of Valparaíso, Chile, helps a traveler understand the country's troubled past and turbulent present. When I was in Chile, I got mugged.  It…
South America
September 7, 2020


In a music filled square in Cartagena, travelers and refugees drink beer, swap stories, and attempt to bridge the chasm that exists between two worlds. The air was heavy with…
South America
July 14, 2020

Just Scared

A diver-in-training finds herself in the middle of a near panic attack more than 100 feet underwater. How she chooses to handle it teaches her more about herself than the…