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Update September 2022: We are currently prioritizing submissions for our new travel writing series “They told me not to travel to…” Write a true travel story about a time you visited a place you were warned against. Please follow our standard submission process explained below, but use the subject line “They told me not to travel to…” for priority consideration.

At Intrepid Times, we publish narrative travel writing. Since 2014, our mission has been to share authentic stories that capture the essence of an experience, a place, a journey. Before sending in your work, have a look at our recently published articles to get a sense of the style we value.

Intrepid Times contributors include both new and established travel writers, young and old, from all over the world. We enjoy forming long-term relationships with our writers, many of whom go on to become regular contributors. Writing is hard work and deserves to be valued, and although we don’t charge for our content, we do pay all of our contributors.

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Photo from “My Azorean Ancestry” by Cody Lampman