Intrepid Times Mini-Courses


Polishing and Pitching

This mini-course will help you get your writing out into the world by focusing on two important areas: how to edit your writing, and how to write the perfect pitch to make editors sit up and pay attention. 

Dates: August 14-21

Masterclasses: Be Your Own Editor

                         The Art of the Pitch

Exercise: Write a professional pitch for a travel story. We will offer feedback on how it can be improved, depending on your goals as a writer.

Also included: One hour video call with the editors of Intrepid Times to discuss your writing goals.


Branding Yourself as a Travel Writer

This mini-course will help you think of your writing more as a “business” and less as a “hobby.” This is a key shift in thinking that can help you as you pursue a writing career. Creating a platform that shows your skills and areas of expertise is key, as is thinking of your work as a product with value. 

Dates: TBA

Masterclasses: Building Your Platform

                         Getting Started as a Travel Journalist

Exercise: Choose one social media platform. Write a summary of your branding and writing goals, and then write up three social media posts that align with those goals and fit the tone of your chosen platform. We will offer feedback to help you further develop your ideas.

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