A Commitment to Telling Stories that Matter

Established in 2014, Intrepid Times has grown into a popular and respectable home for narrative travel writing with heart. Our thousands of monthly readers frequently return to gain a level of insight into a place or journey that can only be delivered through skilled and thoughtful storytelling.

Although we don’t charge readers for access to our articles, we do pay all of our writers. And yet you’ll notice that in our stories you see no unattractive banner advertisements, nor any sneaky product endorsements. We don’t do any of that: Intrepid Times is about the quality of writing and the meaning and impact of the stories we tell. Since our founding, nothing has been allowed to interfere with this.

Our absolute commitment to editorial integrity is one of the reasons why our readership continues to grow month on month, despite the fact that we have steadfastly resisted the epidemic of click-bait and “listicle” style posts that may perform well in search engines but provide little of unique value and insight to readers.

Instead, Intrepid Times is funded through our off-site work with select brands who are eager to utilize the storytelling talent that is at the heart of our publication. These brands benefit from professionally crafted articles, media campaigns, and content created by the Intrepid Times team, while our publication itself remains pristine.

Working with both startups and established companies across the education, fashion, media and tourism sectors, we have crafted powerful, narrative content that helps brands redefine themselves in the eyes of their audience.

“I’ve been a reader of Intrepid Times for a while, so when I began to think about using storytelling as a way to grow my business, they were the obvious choice. Nathan interviewed a customer of ours who had climbed Mt Kilimanjaro while wearing one of our watches. He then quickly turned in a gripping and accurate story that powerfully highlighted both the potential of our product and our values as a brand. I look forward to working Nathan and the Intrepid Times team again on our next travel-themed campaign!”
Jon Mack
President & CEO
TRASKA Watches

To learn more about working with Intrepid Times to tell a story about your business you can contact our editor, Nathan James Thomas, directly at nathan@nathanjthomas.com