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Intrepid Times is not an ordinary travel publication. You won’t see our articles caked with affiliate links for the latest gizmo, gadget, or hotel deal. We don’t publish listicles or getaway recommendations. We are focused only on the story: Showing through the eyes of a traveler what a certain place, experience, or moment is really like.

Over the course of the last decade, our singular focus on narrative travel writing with heart has seen us forge a community of thousands of well-traveled readers worldwide, particularly in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australasia. Our hundreds of writers and contributors range from NYTimes bestselling authors and Pulitzer grantees to first-time writers with a passion for travel and a story to share. We’ve twice been represented at the Travel Media Awards, as Intrepid Times becomes established as the platform for authentic travel storytelling.

Occasionally, we work with select brands that share our passion for travel and whose products genuinely enrich the lives of travelers. Our skilled copywriters and travel journalists can help you craft stories that build connections with your existing community and reach a wider audience of the people who matter.

“We first partnered with Intrepid Times to help us capture in writing the travel stories of our community. This has grown into a long-term partnership as the creative team at Intrepid Times has helped us express our core values and spirit of adventure in writing across all mediums in which we operate. We are hugely grateful for their ongoing partnership.”

Jon Mack, Founder at TRASKA Watches

Whether you’re looking for big-picture help building and implementing a content strategy, or you have a specific travel-focused campaign in mind, let us know about your business and how we can help at

We care deeply about providing authentic value to our community and indeed all travelers and are highly selective about who we work with. We are not interested in fads, travel deals, or affiliate programs.


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