From Writer to Travel Writer

by Jennifer Roberts

For Experienced Writers Ready to Break Into the World of Travel Writing

Build on Your Strengths. Establish Your Brand.
- Write the Stories That Matter to YOU. -

Accepting Up to 10 Writers Until June 1, 2023, or Until All Places Are Taken

Dear writer,

You’ve had success writing, whether as a professional copywriter, a journalist, a teacher, or a memoirist. You’ve proven yourself in your arena and are the go-to in your space. People rely on you to write what they need. But what about what you need?

If you’re ready to stop writing for others and start writing for yourself, then From Writer to Travel Writer  is the solution. Using a highly personalized, five step approach, we’ll help you accelerate the transition from experienced writer to sought-after travel writer.

Fully tailored to your unique goals and experience, a member of our editorial team will be with you every step of the way, providing feedback and guidance as you make your leap into the world of professional travel writing on your own terms.

Write a publishable travel story as you learn:

In a highly personalized program that is part course, part coaching, we’ll work closely with you to help you make the shift to travel writing. We know you’re already an experienced writer, so we can skip over the basics. 

You don’t need to worry about sentence structure or crafting a compelling intro. But writing about travel well is quite different from commercial copywriting, technical writing, or writing a memoir. Instead of telling, you have to show

The transition is one that stymies many professional writers. But we’ll show you how to leverage your existing strengths and unlock the confident and dazzling travel writer that has been inside you all along.

It starts with an onboarding questionnaire to get a sense of where you are now. We’ll ask you to share a link to any written material you have, including your attempts at travel writing so far (no worries if you don’t yet have any travel writing clippings). We’ll also take a look at your website and social media presence (if you have one, though no worries if you don’t yet).

It’s time to plan a travel story together! Even though you may have had some travel stories published, we’ll treat this as your debut on the travel writing stage. Therefore, we have to be strategic. Brainstorming together on a Zoom call (recommended, but we can also do this by email if you prefer), we’ll look at the sweet spot that both excites you as a writer and can also be used as a springboard for a broader travel writing career.

As you get started on the draft of the story we settled on above, a member of our expert team will take a look at your social media platform and, based on your goals and what we have learned about you in the steps above, create a custom, step-by-step “Travel Writing Brand Plan” for you. Designed to be simple and easy to implement even if you’re not technical, it will help you amplify your voice and advance with confidence into the travel writing world.

The same editorial team responsible for the stories published on Intrepid Times will work closely with you to help you realize your first travel writing masterpiece. You’re already a skilled writer, but some of the habits that served you well in your other work may be holding you back. We’ll show you the simplest path for building on your strengths and finding your true travel writing voice.

Now that your story is ready, it’s time to get it out there! We’ll help you craft a compelling pitch for this story, which will serve as a unique template optimized for your strengths that you can use when pitching all your future stories. Our goal is to empower you to get published, and we will support you in this journey. If you like, we’re happy to jump on a final Zoom call at this stage to answer any questions you have and make sure you feel confident in the next steps.

Bonus: Unlock the Intrepid Times Travel Writing Vault

Created by our Intrepid Times editors, these engaging masterclasses will teach you how to master the business and creative side of travel writing. Each masterclass includes an audio lesson of between 30 and 90 minutes in length, most include a PDF workbook or cheat sheet, as well as links to the example stories we discuss so you can follow along and learn:

  • Masterclass #1: Write an Irresistible Opening Paragraph That Editors Will Love
  • Masterclass #2: How a Professional Journalist Writes a Travel Story (With Guest Thomas Heaton from the Kathmandu Post)
  • Masterclass #3: The Magic of Storytelling for Travel Writers
  • Masterclass #4: Be Your Own Editor – Avoid Mistakes and Deliver a Draft to Be Proud of
  • Masterclass #5: Find Your Unique Voice – And Live as a Travel Writer Even When You’re Stuck at Home (With Alyss Thomas)
  • Masterclasses #6/7: The Journey to Getting Your Travel Writing Published (Two-part series with real-world examples)
  • Masterclass #8: How to Get Your Travel Book Published
  • Masterclass #9: Writing to Persuade & Getting Established as a Writer for Hire
  • Masterclass #10: How to Write a Compelling Conclusion
  • Masterclass #11: One Year of Pandemic Travel Writing
  • Masterclass #12: The Art of the Pitch
  • Masterclass #13: Staying Motivated No Matter What
  • Masterclass #14: Making Space and Time to Write
  • Masterclass #15: Travel Stories Vs. Travel Guides
  • Masterclass #16: Building Your Writer’s Platform
  • Masterclass #17: Starting From Scratch
  • Masterclass #18: Getting Started as a Travel Journalist (With Special Guest Thom Brown)

Get instant access to all masterclasses, each containing 30-90 minutes of audio, most including a “Cheat-Sheet Workbook.” Worth $47/each = $846 of value free for “Transition to Travel Writing” students!

Break Into Travel Writing — Get Started Today

The moment you register, you’ll get instant access to all bonus masterclasses. Within 48 hours of registering, a member of our editorial team will be in touch with your onboarding survey so we can learn more about you and your goals. We’ll then schedule your first brainstorming Zoom call and get the process started. We anticipate the five-step process above generally takes one month, but we can be flexible for up to two months, as we know you may be busy. We’ll accommodate your schedule at all times..

Break Into Travel Writing

$500 USD

Get Extra Support Beyond the End of the Program

$1000 USD


Boost Your Writing Confidence, Clarity, and Purpose, Guaranteed 
We won’t keep your investment if you aren’t thrilled by it. We’ve been around for years, and deeply value our relationships with the writers in our community. Follow our advice to the best of your abilities, implement the feedback we provide as much as possible, and check out the masterclasses, and if you’re not energized, focused, confident, and excited about your future as a published travel writer just let us know within 60 days of sign-up for a full refund.


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