Travel Writer Transformation

Embark on an 8-Week Journey to Becoming a Travel Writer

Dear (future) travel writer,

Breaking through with your travel writing can seem like an impossible task. How do you make a name for yourself when you’re starting from scratch? Intrepid Times is here to help you share the stories that only you can.

From pitching to editors and building your author brand to crafting a story that will hold a reader from the first word to the last, we’ll work together to transform you into a confident travel writer who is sought-after by your dream publications. 

More than a writing course, it’s a complete transformation that goes to the essence of how you think about travel, writing, and the travel writer’s life.

“I feel I can now convey my passion and honesty as an author much better, whilst feeling more connected with my audience.”
Hannah Foster-Roe

“This course gave me valuable insights into the whole process of writing a travel narrative. The support and feedback from Jennifer and Nathan, as well as the other students was invaluable. Highly recommend!” —Amy-Leah Potter

Introducing Travel Writer Transformation

Travel Writer Transformation is a an online mentorship program that lasts for 8 weeks from April 22, 2024. Learning alongside a small group of your fellow travel writers, you’ll connect personally with Intrepid Times editors, get constant supportive feedback on your writing, and enjoy masterclasses on the craft and business of travel writing today.

Here’s your schedule as a travel writing student:

  • Week #1 – Connect, Get Feedback and Dive Deep: Kickstart your journey with immersive writing exercises, get expert feedback on any writing you’d like to bring to the table, and connect personally with fellow participants and mentors, Nathan and Jen.
  • Week #2 – Hook an Editor’s Attention from the First Word to the Last: The first and final paragraphs are where most new travel writers drop the ball — Learn how to win over readers right from the start.
  • Week #3 – From Idea to Publication, Step by Step: Follow the journey as several new travel writers take their ideas from the blank page right through publication, discover how to pick compelling topics, and own your unique narrative style.
  • Week #4 – Ace Your Pitch: Learn the important differences between pitching travel stories and travel guides, take stock of all of the progress you have already made in navigating the business side of travel writing.
  • Week #5 – Find and Refine Your Unique Voice: Learn how to edit yourself so that you present a professional face while nurturing and enhancing your unique voice so readers can recognize your style from the first paragraph.
  • Week #6 – Deep Feedback Session + Book Publishing 101. Benefit from a private review session with Jen and/or Nathan, get invaluable line-by-line feedback, and get an advanced look at how to build your writer’s platform and work with book publishers. 
  • Week #7 – Overcome Writer’s Block and Get Your Stories Written: Find your creativity and get your stories published no matter the circumstances with a few simple tricks. Look back on the incredible progress you have already made.
  • Week #8 – Celebrate & Share Your Journey: You now have a professional-standard travel story written, congratulations! Take an advanced look at the professional and financial side of travel writing and how lucrative careers are build while you celebrate this achievement with your peers. 
  • After the Course – The Path to Publication: Enjoy lifelong priority consideration whenever you pitch stories to Intrepid Times, and set sail into the world of professional travel writing.

'Travel Writer Transformation' Students Have Been Published in Major Publications Worldwide — Here's What They Say

“I found the Travel Writer Transformation course to be incredibly helpful. Not only did I pick up valuable lessons every week, but I now have much more confidence in my own ability as a writer. I highly recommend this course.” —John McFadzean

“As I shift from a journal writer to a travel writer, this course has been extremely helpful. Nathan and Jennifer’s masterclasses are recorded, and yet, it feels like they are sitting down with you in the moment. Unlike prior writing classes where I reviewed other people’s writing, this was a chance to get suggestions and comments from the editors. I was able to put my time into writing and not reading other people’s work.”
Jennifer Wright

“Nathan and Jen have created an extraordinarily valuable course for budding travel writers, with rich content, actionable advice, hands-on feedback, and a highly organized structure that makes it easy to stay engaged. I highly recommend “Travel Writer Transformation” to anyone who is serious about becoming a travel writer.”
Ellen Cliggott

“Jennifer and Nathan focused on us, the learners, and offered the ultimate in flexibility. They provided spot-on feedback for my story. The masterclasses and accompanying readings supplemented the course to maximize our time independently and together”.
Rhonda Wiley-Jones

Strictly Limited Spaces Available and No Additional Course Planned — We Highly Recommend You Register Now

Invest In Your Travel Writing Career — Secure Your Place Now

You’re about to make an investment in your travel writing career. Your investment includes access to all course materials, extensive feedback, mentorship in both small-group and one-on-one settings. Our students include parents, busy professionals, and long-term travelers, so we are comfortable accommodating all time zones and schedules. Travel Writer Transformation graduates also receive lifetime priority consideration on all stories pitched to Intrepid Times.

Because of the amount of time and personal support we give Travel Writer Transformation students, we only accept a very small group and run this course on extremely rare occasions. If registration is open, we highly recommend securing your spot today. 

Course starts April 22, 2024. 100% Online can compatible with all time zones, schedules, and levels of travel writing experience.

Payment Plan — Two Monthly Installments of $175

One-Time Payment — $300 (Save $50)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the course held?
Travel Writer Transformation is a fully online course, tailored for participants from various time zones, ensuring flexibility in scheduling video calls.

Who should enroll in this course?
Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned travel writer, this course is tailored to help you enhance your skills and your prospects of publication, backed by insights from Intrepid Times’ editors.

Who are the mentors behind the course?

Nathan James Thomas is the founder of Intrepid Times (2014) and author of “Untethered” (2023) whose work has been featured in The Times, The New Zealand Herald, The Australian, Lonely Planet, and Roads and Kingdoms.

Jennifer Roberts, senior editor at Intrepid Times, fell in love with travel writing in Thailand (2016). With her work published in Intrepid Times, International Living, Verge Magazine, and more. Both co-edited “Fearless Footsteps: True Stories That Capture the Spirit of Adventure” (2020).

How much time will the course typically take?
We recommend students allocate 3-5 hours weekly for the course. Designed with busy participants in mind – from parents to professionals – the course offers flexibility, allowing you to engage with content and exercises at your convenience.

If you need anything else, we’re just an email away: 


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