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by Jennifer Roberts

Travel Writer’s Transformation

Transform Your Skills and Become a Travel Writer with Training, Feedback, and Mentorship from Experienced Editors During This Intensive, 8-Week Course

Dear writer,

You have a passion for travel and a deep love of writing and sharing stories. You know you have something unique to offer the travel writing space, but how do you translate that to what you put on the page? You send out thoughtful pitches, completed stories, and well-crafted articles, but all you ever seem to receive are cold, two-sentence responses from busy editors. 

We’re here to help you change that. 

Intrepid Times has been publishing travel stories continuously since 2014, from both new and experienced authors. A 2021 Travel Media Awards finalist in the category of Consumer Publication Online, Intrepid Times is a recognized and respected name in the travel writing space. Editors Nathan James Thomas and Jennifer Roberts know what it takes to develop a good travel story and get it published, and they want to help all writers who are serious about improving their craft do the same through the upcoming Travel Writer’s Transformation course. 

Introducing the Travel Writer’s Transformation Course from Intrepid Times!

For the first time, Intrepid Times is inviting a small group of writers to participate in the Travel Writer’s Transformation course. Through this course, Nathan and Jen will help you grow your writing skills, provide insight into the world of travel writing to help you get published, and offer one-on-one support and actionable feedback that will help you improve your travel stories and articles. You will learn the elements of a great travel story, connect with fellow travel writers, receive detailed feedback on your work, and complete exercises that will result in your own polished travel narrative that you can submit for publication. 

During this intensive, 8-week course, you will also receive weekly masterclasses that will offer insight on everything from how to write a first paragraph that will grab your audience, how to pitch a story so that it gets accepted, how to find your voice as a writer, and more! By the end of the course, you will have a (metaphorical) suitcase full of everything you need to continue crafting travel stories that make an impact and get published. 

Here’s What Previous Intrepid Times Mentees Have Said…

One aspect of the process that was enlightening was the tenor of the relationship between writer and editor. It reminded me of ballroom or swing dancing – there is a certain necessary level of tension and opposing pressure, but that aspect is what creates the incredible elasticity and dynamism of a great performance, or, in this case, piece. It was fluid, friendly combat, and I can clearly see that the piece grew in leaps and bounds under Jennifer’s guidance. I am thankful for this supportive environment for my first foray into this sphere, and I am already percolating on my next article!  -Kayleigh Powell

The feedback provided by Nathan and the team was incredibly quick and valuable. Nathan explained how to describe a scene rather than merely stating how it made me feel. While remaining positive at all times, he showed me where I was wasting words and how to reallocate them towards writing a story that truly transports the reader. Most importantly, I learned how to take a real-life journey, strip it down, and then rebuild it as a compelling story. -Thom Brown

I am endlessly grateful for my mentorship with Jennifer and Nathan of Intrepid Times, as it helped me sift through the noise and share my true written voice. Writing about adventure is an adventure unto itself, and I am thrilled to launch into the publication world! -Sarah Kelly

The most crucial thing I’m carrying forward from this process is about creating as much value and meaning as possible for the reader. It’s so easy to fall into a diary-style trap when telling travel stories, especially as the essence of them is often rooted in the writer’s personal experiences. This is something I was struggling with; leaving too many breadcrumbs and not enough space for interpretation. But working with the editors at Intrepid Times has allowed me to start moving past that! I feel I can now convey my passion and honesty as an author much better, whilst feeling more connected with my audience. -Hannah Foster-Roe

What the Travel Writer’s Transformation Course Will Look Like, Week by Week

Week 1: Your Writing Goals

In addition to getting you started with two masterclasses, we’ll invite all participants to connect via a video call meet and greet. You’ll have a chance to discuss your writing goals, expectations for the upcoming weeks, and where you’re at on your travel writing journey. You’ll also get to meet your mentors, Nathan and Jen! 

The Resources

Masterclass 1: An Introduction to Travel Writing |  Masterclass 2: The Magic of Storytelling for Travel Writers

Week 2: Uncork Your Creativity 

Here’s where you get to start writing! We’ll begin with weekly writing exercises, where you’ll be asked to submit a response to a writing prompt. You’ll receive feedback by Wednesday of the following week, which you’ll be able to refer to in all future writing exercises. 

The Resources

Masterclass 1: The First Paragraph |  Masterclass 2: Writing a Compelling Conclusion

The Exercise

Describe a place. Choose a place you have traveled to (near or far) and write one or two paragraphs describing that place.

Week 3: Sift Through Ideas

The masterclasses this week are based on the experience we had with several mentees during our “Your First Published Article” scholarship. Here, you’ll learn how to choose what to write about (especially when you have a lot of experiences to sift through) and how to introduce characters (including yourself) in a compelling way. Part two explores effective writing style and speaks about the attitude that makes writers successful.

The Resources

Masterclass 1: From Idea to Published Part 1 |  Masterclass 2: From Idea to Published Part 2

The Exercise

Describe a person. Think of someone you have met, talked to, or been guided by during your travels. Write one or two paragraphs describing this person.

Week 4: Enjoy the Experience

You’ll be almost halfway through the course here, and we know that an “intensive” course can be tiring, but don’t worry! We’ll be here to push and support you every step of the way. The masterclasses this week touch on two topics that many budding writers have questions about: how to pitch your stories and articles, and how to distinguish between travel stories and travel guides. 

The Resources

Masterclass 1: The Art of the Pitch |  Masterclass 2: Travel Stories Vs. Travel Guides

The Exercise

Describe an experience. Think of something you have done while traveling (e.g. skiing, dancing, rafting, etc.). Write one or two paragraphs describing the experience.

Week 5: Your Travel Story Begins

Start writing your story! The masterclasses this week are all about finding your voice as a writer and learning how to edit your own work, both of which will help you as you get started on your travel story. If you have any questions as you start this process, we’ll be here with answers and advice to keep you moving in the right direction. 

The Resources

Masterclass 1: Finding Your Voice |  Masterclass 2: Be Your Own Editor

The Exercise

Using one of the above exercises as a starting point, write up a draft of a travel story of around 1000 words. We will discuss the drafts in week 6 as a starting point for revisions.

Week 6: Soak up the Feedback 

This is a particularly interesting week, as you’ll meet with Jen and/or Nathan to talk about the draft of your travel story. Jen and Nathan will have already looked over your writing and marked line-by-line feedback, but a video call will help you dive even deeper into your draft and learn where, how, and why to make edits and improvements. 

This week’s masterclasses are all about getting started as a budding writer and building your platform to get your name out there. Both new and experienced writers will find lots of useful advice here.

The Resources

Masterclass 1: Starting From Scratch |  Masterclass 2: Building Your Platform

The Exercise

Meet with Jen and/or Nathan and receive personalized feedback and writing advice to help you begin revisions. 

Week 7: Time to Write (and Revise)

A huge part of becoming a travel writer is simply dedicating yourself to finding time to write! The masterclasses this week will help you learn how to do just that, and instead of giving you a writing exercise this week, we’re offering you the time you need to revise your travel story before the workshop in week 8. Use it wisely!

The Resources

Masterclass 1: Staying Motivated (No Matter What) |  Masterclass 2: Making Space and Time to Write

The Exercise

Use this week to revise your travel story before the week 8 workshop.

Week 8: Share Your Story

A bittersweet time, indeed! This is a super fun week, as we’ll bring all of the course participants back together to workshop the travel stories you’ve all been working on. You’ll have a chance to see your peers’ approach to their own stories, share your experiences, and receive more feedback both from Jen and Nathan, as well as the other participants. With so many different perspectives, you’ll come away with tons of ideas on how to continue revisions on your story. 

The final masterclasses take a look at the business and career side of writing. If you’re interested in publishing a travel book or trying your hand at travel journalism, these masterclasses will help you get started. 

The Resources

Masterclass 1: Getting Your Travel Book Published | Masterclass 2: Getting Started as a Travel Journalist

The Exercise

Workshop your revised draft with the other course participants and with Jen and/or Nathan mediating the discussions. You can use the feedback you receive to continue revising your travel story. 

After the Course: Find Your Story and Get Published!

Once the course has ended, you are invited to make any final edits to your travel story and submit it for publication. While we cannot guarantee publication, we can guarantee that the final version of your story will receive detailed, line-by-line feedback, whether it is accepted or not.

Answers to the Questions We Know You Have 

We’re pretty good at mind reading, but if your question isn’t here, feel free to reach out to us directly at

What are the course dates?

The Travel Writer’s Transformation course will begin on Monday, June 6, 2022 and will last for eight weeks, ending on Sunday, July 31, 2022. 

How many participants will be accepted?

In order to be able to offer each participant the support they need during the course, we are only opening 12 spots, and participants will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.  

Where does the course take place?

The course will take place entirely online to offer maximum flexibility to all participants. We recognize that participants will likely be from many different time zones, and we will organize all video calls with this in mind. 

Who is this course for?

Both new and experienced travel writers will benefit from both the course’s masterclasses and the support and feedback from Intrepid Times’ editors. Simply put, if you’re looking to improve your travel writing skills, this course is for you!

How much time is required?

We recommend setting aside 3-5 hours each week to dedicate to the course materials and writing exercises. We know that in addition to being travel enthusiasts, our participants are also parents, students, caregivers, employees, bosses, and more. The course is designed to offer flexibility so that you can listen to the masterclasses and complete the exercises when it’s most convenient for you. 

Who are the course mentors?

Nathan Thomas founded Intrepid Times in 2014 as a vehicle for sharing stories from the road and as an excuse to meet and interview his favorite writers. His own travel writing has been published in places like Roads and Kingdoms and Outpost Magazine, and he recently published Travel Your Way: Rediscover the world, on your own terms.

Jennifer Roberts, senior editor at Intrepid Times, has traveled to over 15 countries and developed a love of travel writing while living and working in Thailand in 2016. She’s had stories published on Intrepid Times (of course!), International Living, Transpacificism, Verge Magazine, and more. 

Together, Nathan and Jennifer co-edited Fearless Footsteps: True Stories That Capture the Spirit of Adventure (2020).

Secure Your Place Now! 

Registration is open until May 31st, or until all 12 spaces have been filled. 

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The above button will take you to our secure registration and payment portals, where you will pay a one-time, upfront payment. If USD is not your home currency, an automatic conversion will be applied upon purchase. A receipt will be sent automatically to your email upon purchase, and Jen or Nathan will be in touch shortly afterwards to help you prepare for week 1. Please note that in the extremely unlikely event that we do not feel a student is able to benefit from the course, we reserve the right to remove them from the program in week 1, and a full refund will be issued in this case.

If you have any other questions before registering, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jen and Nathan at You can generally count on them to respond within a day or two.

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