Intrepid Times Internships

Travel Writing Advocate Intern (Currently Full)

As a travel writing advocate intern, you will receive the same benefits as our editorial interns, including writing feedback and coaching, access to teaching materials, and priority consideration for publication on Intrepid Times. Your responsibilities will be focused on finding more readers for our travel stories. This will include:

  • Researching online communities that would be interested in stories we have published, and finding tactful ways to reach out
  • Researching awards, events, and other opportunities where our travel writing could be featured
  • Working with our authors to find opportunities to increase the readership of their Intrepid Times articles

To apply, please write to with the subject line “Travel Writing Advocate Intern.” Please include a paragraph or two about yourself and what motivates you to want to be part of the Intrepid Times team.

Editorial Intern (Currently Full)

Since 2014, Intrepid Times has been the digital home for short-form narrative travel writing with heart. We publish one story per week, from both well-known authors and first-time writers.

In 2022, we are inviting a Travel Writing Intern to join our small team and help us focus more attention on our travel stories.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Reading Intrepid Times stories and collating selected pieces into monthly themed posts which highlight stories on a particular place or theme.
  • Helping to spread the word about Intrepid Times writing competitions and stories to relevant communities and partners.

Required experience/interests for all internship positions:

  • Passion for writing and storytelling: It’s OK if you have never been published before, but you must have a desire to write, and portfolio of a few (published or unpublished) stories we can review.
  • Travel: You don’t need have visited 100 countries or even 10 countries, but you do need to demonstrate a passion for discovering the world.
  • Written English: We are happy to consider candidates from around the world, including non-native English speakers, but as an English language publication we do require professional level written English skills.
  • Responsiveness: You are someone who is punctual, responds quickly to communications, and is comfortable with communicating via Email and Video Conference.
  • Time: Ability to dedicate approximately 8 hours per week to your duties at Intrepid Times, please let us know your availability when applying.

Preferred experiences/interests:

  • Wordpress: Intrepid Times runs on Wordpress. The system is very easy to use, but if you have some experience with it this will help immensely.
  • SEO and Content Marketing: Some exposure to the techniques or skills of content marketing and/or SEO would be very valuable for a candidate.
  • Any other marketing skills? If you have experience with design, social media, website development or any other skill relevant to our operations, please let us know.

Benefits you get as an intern include:

  • Coaching on your travel writing direct from Intrepid Times editors.
  • Get paid our standard writer’s fee for every article and travel story you publish on Intrepid Times – ideally this would be about one story per month by the time you have found your feet in the role.

We are looking for interns who can commit to approximately 8 hours per week for a period of six months. Please write to with the subject line Travel Writing Internship and a couple of samples of your writing to apply.


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