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From the desk of Nathan James Thomas
Intrepid Times Founder & Editor

Dear Traveler,

Breaking into the travel writing space is extraordinarily difficult. Submissions go unanswered. When editors do reply, they send template rejection letters. Writers are accustomed to the deafening sound of silence. 

But we keep at it. We persevere. Because what we do matters. It matters to show the world as it is. To report on the wonderful strangeness of life. To tell the stories that no one else could tell. 

No one sees the world like you do. Your unique perspective is your greatest weapon. While others stare at their phones, you are the one looking out the window, noticing the people, listening to the foreign conversation, trying to understand and make sense of the new world you set out to discover.

Travel is changing. For most of us, exploring far-flung places is going to be harder, at least for a while. Many budding travel writers have already quit the game. Others are planning their exit. 

But real travel writing has always been about more than simply being far from home. It’s about finding the stories that others miss, feeling the electric charge of curiosity, and following that wherever it leads you. 

…The World Is Changing. Now Is The Time for a New Generation of Travel Writers to Make Their Name. Will You Be One of Them?

We’re about to enter a new era of travel writing. The old rule book has been torn up. The new rules are going to be written by a new generation of writers who understand that travel cannot — will not — stop because travel is a state of mind.

No, now is not the time to get established as a reviewer of resort hotels or to write listicles about which airlines have the best in-flight meals. But if you wanted to write that kind of thing, you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyway!

BUT, now is the best time to truly get in touch with what it means to be a travel writer in the deepest sense possible. To see your life as a journey. To mine experience for meaning. To structure powerful, inspirational and motivating stories from experiences that others wouldn’t even notice. To see what others miss. To listen when others talk. To understand and appreciate the world as it is, and not as it is merely “sold” in guidebooks. 

Getting established and gaining real recognition as a travel writer has never been easy. We’ve read literally thousands of submissions and worked closely with writers around the world, and we are committed to helping passionate travel writers survive and thrive in this new world.

When you cut to the core of what good writing means and discover how to…

…Then you will be unstoppable, no matter what is happening on the news! And we’re here to help.

Today, we’re excited to announce the “Intrepid Times Private Writer’s Club” – an online membership program designed specifically to help you achieve your goals and find success as a travel writer in a changing world. 

Here’s How the Intrepid Times Private Writer’s Club Will Help You Grow as Writer and a Traveler:

Intrepid Times is bringing together an intimate group of writers and travelers and providing you with the guidance, feedback, and support you need to thrive in this strange new world. 

Membership is open to writers from around the world, at any stage in your career. You may already have had several articles published and want to take it further. You may have a full-time job or business and want to pursue your passion for travel writing on the side. You may be committed to fully making it as a professional travel writer. The only requirement is that you are passionate about writing and relentlessly curious about discovering the world in whatever way possible!

As a member, you will get exclusive access to a carefully crafted series of resources designed to help you overcome the hurdles and find success as a travel writer on your own terms. Here’s what’s inside…

We’ll go through the writing you send us line-by-line and show you exactly what you need to do to improve. We’ll show you the things you are doing rightso you know to keep doing themas well as the unintentional mistakes you may be making that are putting editors off. We know that, after finishing a piece, you’re anxious for expert feedback, which is why we make reviewing Writer’s Club articles a top priority!

When you send in your work to our editors, you’ll use a private code that will immediately move your story to the top of the queue. You can choose to send your work in for feedback only, or feedback + consideration if you would like us to also consider your article for publication on Intrepid Times.

(While we always make editorial decisions based purely on the merits of each piece of writing we receive, your VIP code moves your work straight to the front of the queue and guarantees you actionable, detailed feedback whether or not we choose to publish.)

Every month, you’ll also receive a new masterclass that will focus on the areas where travel writers struggle, such as writing effective pitches, going from writing articles to writing (and publishing) books, structuring a story, and building a strong brand as a travel writer.

These lessons are no-holds-barred audio seminars on specific techniques, ideas, and strategies for finding success as a travel writer. Created exclusively for club members, the intimate format means you will get the kind of uncensored, actionable advice that is not usually possible to find online. 

We’re lining up an exciting array of guests for upcoming episodes, including book publishing executives, journalists, personal branding experts, and editors of leading publications to participate in the next few masterclasses and give you the breadth of their experience. You’ll be given the opportunity to send your questions in advance and have them answered by our host and expert guests!

For Six Years, We've Been the Online Home for Writers Who Want to Unlock the Full Depth of the Travel Experience


Fearless Footsteps, a travel anthology created by Intrepid Times, is being published around the world by Exisle Publishing in November 2020 

Intrepid Times was founded in 2014 as the home for real, travel writing with heart. In a space increasing dominated by “Listicles” and “Blogs,” we wanted to create a place where narrative writing with depth could thrive. 

Our stories take our readers around the world and help them form connections with people, places, cultures, and ideas that they may never otherwise have been exposed to. We’ve featured and published some huge names, including our share of NYTimes bestselling authors, but we have also fought hard to give a voice to those writers who had been struggling to break through into the mainstream. 

What matters to us isn’t how big your Facebook fan base is, but the power of the story you have to tell. If you believe in exploring ideas and telling stories with heart that make you see the world in a slightly different way, then welcome to your new home! Recently, we formed a partnership with international book publishing house Exisle Publishing, which is producing two of our books, the Fearless Footsteps travel anthology (November 2020), and Travel Your Way, a guide to getting the most out of your travel experiences (coming May 2021). 

As a member of the Intrepid Times Private Writers Club, you will have direct access to our founding editor, Nathan James Thomas, as well as our senior contributing editor, Jennifer Roberts. We will be on hand to answer your questions and help you shape your travel experiences into compelling stories that will be read time and time again.

Each Month, Get Practical, Real World Tips To Help You Bring Your Travel Writing To Life..

You’re about to learn actionable writing and career tips from people who have achieved success as travel writers, as well as the industry gatekeepers who guard access to the publishing world.

Each masterclass is released only to Writer’s Club members. You also get detailed, easy to followed notes to download alongside each lesson that is released. This will make it easy for you to internalize the practical writing tips.

As a member you get unlimited access to all past masterclasses plus one new masterclass every month. You’ll be able to send in your questions to be answered on the next class, and we’ll listen to share suggestions on which topics you want us to cover based on your travel writing goals! 

Each masterclass contains an info packed audio lesson, plus a PDF workbook. These are NOT boring lectures. Instead, we tackle the real world challenges of being a travel writer, getting your work noticed, and distilling full power of your travel experiences into just a few well chosen words.

Here’s what’s waiting for you in the member’s area right now…

Get Instant Access To The Masterclass Archives The Moment You Join

Become a member, and in mere minutes you’ll be granted access to the private masterclass vault. Here,  you’ll be able to explore lessons that will help you become a better writer and a better traveler. Whether you’re a veteran writer looking to sharpen your edge, or a novice just starting out, you’ll find lessons to suit whatever stage of the journey you’re at. Here’s what’s inside…

  • Masterclass #1: Write an Irresistible Opening Paragraph that Editors Will Love

Editors receive dozens, maybe hundreds of submissions per day. Many will just read the opening paragraph, and glance over the rest. This is why your opening paragraph is absolutely essential. Here, you’ll learn exactly how to get your story right from the start. 

  • Masterclass #2: How a Professional Journalist Writes a Travel Story 

In this masterclass, Thomas Heaton shares practical tips from his experience as a professional travel journalist and newspaper editor on how to write a travel story that will get noticed. 

  • Masterclass #3 – The Magic of Storytelling for Travel Writers 

Drawing on everything from Aristotle’s “Poetics” to the hidden formula behind Hollywood blockbusters, in this masterclass we deconstruct the art and science of telling a compelling travel story. 

  • Masterclass #4 – Be Your Own Editor

In this masterclass, we’ll look at the three critical editing stages: Structural Editing, Copy Editing and Stylistic Editing, and explore precisely how you can navigate the entire process from rough draft to polished masterpiece…. without going insane!

Masterclass #5 – Find Your Unique Voice

We speak with British author and writing coach Alyss St John Thomas about how to uncover your unique voice as a travel writer. If you feel truly alive when traveling but struggle to recapture that magic when you sit down alone at the keyboard, then you NEED to hear this masterclass!

  • Masterclass #6 – You Tell Us!

– Coming soon! Join the Writer’s Club before September 30, 2020 to be able to get your questions in to be answered by our editors and guests on the next masterclass!

We're Here to Help You Share the Stories That Only You Can Tell

No one sees the world quite like you do. This is why your voice deserves to be heard. Using our experience, network, and resources, we’re going to amplify your message and help you have the impact you want to have as a writer—however this looks for you.

Maybe you see yourself as a professional travel writer, able to make a living or meaningfully supplement your income writing articles about the places you visit. Maybe you see yourself as a published author, able to pop into your local bookstore and see your name in print and on display. Maybe you are just passionate about the art of travel writing and want to share your story in the most powerful way possible.

Together, we can rise to the challenge of keeping real travel writing alive. And we would love for you to be a part of this journey with us.

Just hit the button below to secure your place and get started today…

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We’ll see you on the inside!

Nathan James Thomas
Founder & Chief Editor,
Intrepid Times
Author, Travel Your Way (2021) Co-editor,
Fearless Footsteps (2020)
Support: Editor@IntrepidTimes.com


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