Untethered: Interview With Nathan Thomas

by Jennifer Roberts

As a young, 20-something who had recently started to travel, Nathan Thomas, the founder of Intrepid Times, attended a casual seminar on “how to be a digital nomad.” The talk was full of semi-useful tips and tidbits on what to do if you were already a digital nomad but offered little in the way of guidance for those who were thinking about taking on that lifestyle. In fact, Nathan could find very few reliable resources offering a guide on how to do just that. So, after many years of experiencing the ups and downs of the digital nomad life himself, he wrote Untethered: Living the digital nomad life in an uncertain world to fill the gap.

With ten years of experience living as a digital nomad, Nathan knows the good, the bad, the easy, and the difficult that comes with it and wanted to offer readers a realistic view of what they could expect if they made the choice to combine travel and work long-term.

In this interview, we talked about how Untethered attempts to reframe the stereotype and expectations of the digital nomad, why stillness is also important, even when one is constantly on the move, how his experience with “traditional” travel writing informed the way he approached writing Untethered, and how writing a second book felt different from the first.

Speaking with authors is always a great honor for us, but this episode felt particularly special, as the author being interviewed is part of the Intrepid Times family. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording this one!

Listen to the full conversation here:

(You can also listen on Spotify and iTunes)

Untethered: Living the digital nomad life in an uncertain world is available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand, and for pre-order in the rest of the world. You can purchase or pre-order your copy online here.

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