The New Tourist: Interview With Paige McClanahan

by Jennifer Roberts

During her years as a travel journalist, Paige McClanahan has gained hard-won insight into how an industry that accounts for one in ten jobs worldwide operates. From Hawaii to Saudi Arabia, Amsterdam to Angkor Wat, she’s been witness to various approaches to tourism, which led her to question not only how governments are approaching tourism in their cities and countries, but also her own actions and insights as a tourist. Through her experiences, she identified what she calls the “old tourist” and the “new tourist” and recently wrote The New Tourist: Waking Up to the Power and Perils of Travel to parse out this distinction and help those who love to travel become better and more conscientious tourists wherever they go.

During our conversation about her book and work as a journalist, Paige and I talked about how the shift from the old to new tourist translates to travel writing; how social media has helped democratize the travel writing space; how the empathy we gain through travel may help us confront the challenges we’ll face as a species in the coming decades; why questioning our motivations for traveling can be the first step toward becoming a better tourist; and much more. This is a great listen for anyone who loves to travel and wants to have a positive impact on the places they visit.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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You can discover more about Paige on her website or follow her on Instagram. You can pick up a copy of The New Tourist here.

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