From Tax Accountant to Full-Time Travel Writer: A Conversation With JT Genter

by Jennifer Roberts

JT Genter didn’t set out to become a digital nomad. He was working as a tax accountant when he and his wife decided they wanted to do some traveling. Looking for a way to reduce the cost of a trip to China, he discovered that signing up for one credit card could get them enough miles to fly round-trip for almost nothing out-of-pocket. That experience prompted him to dive headfirst into the world of airline, hotel, and credit card points and miles. As luck would have it, points and awards was a growing area of interest in the travel space, aligning perfectly with JT’s experience in accounting and his love of travel. This intersection found him contributing as a freelance writer for The Points Guy, eventually earning a position as a full time writer for the publication. And then, the pandemic began in China, and JT was laid off unexpectedly. By then, he’d managed to carve out a defined niche for himself and had connections in the industry that allowed him to ride out a short period of uncertainty and ultimately land a job at AwardWallet. He is now the editor-in-chief of the publication and travels full time with his wife.

In this episode of The Travel Writing Podcast, Nathan and JT talk about how JT found his unique niche, why flying economy allowed him to get his foot in the door, how he keeps himself organized with a travel schedule that has him moving every few days, his approach to the boom in AI as the editor-in-chief of a growing publication, the basic advice that he finds is key for anyone wanting to make a living as a writer, and more.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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You can learn more about JT Genter on his LinkedIn or follow him on Instagram.

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