Travel Writer Quickstart

by Jennifer Roberts

Speed Up Your Journey to Becoming a Travel Writer

Dear writer,

You have always yearned to be a travel writer and share compelling stories from the road, but you’ve struggled to hear back from editors and find the right words to express your experiences. That’s why we created Travel Writer Quickstart, a fully online course that will introduce you to the tools you need to kickstart your travel writing journey.

At your own pace, you’ll learn the essentials of writing travel stories that editors will be thrilled to publish and readers will be glued to from start to finish. After you register, you’ll have access to four practical masterclasses with detailed notes, where the editors of Intrepid Times break down the most important things you need to know in order to write successful travel stories and make your name as a travel writer.

On This Fast & Practical Online Course, You Will Learn How to…

  • Craft a travel story that readers will enjoy
  • Win over the attention of busy editors
  • Build a personal brand as a travel writer

Because this course is created by editors who read and review thousands of travel stories a year, you’ll get direct, clear advice that will help you stand out from others and find the words you need to write the stories that matter most to you. After listening to the masterclasses, each rich with real-world examples, you’ll complete the course with renewed confidence and clarity, excited to put pen to paper and to share your stories with the world in your own unique voice.

Here’s What’s Inside the Travel Writer Quickstart Course:

This is a fully online course, so you get instant access the moment you join.

Masterclass: The Magic of Storytelling for Travel Writers

This masterclass is meant to give you a bit of a crash course in dramatic theory and provide simple storytelling formulas that will help you convey your travel experiences in a meaningful and compelling way. Storytelling is THE definitive yet somehow forgotten skill every travel writer needs to master, so pay close attention here!

Format: Audio Masterclass + PDF Workbook

Masterclass: The First Paragraph

In this masterclass, we’ll give you an editor’s eye view on the first paragraph. We’ll discuss several examples, and you’ll learn how to craft an interesting introduction that will cause busy editors to sit up and pay attention.

Format: Audio Masterclass + PDF Workbook

Masterclass: Travel Stories vs Travel Guides

There is more than one way to describe your travel experiences and convey information about a place. If you want to explore the various options out there for getting your travel writing published, this masterclass is for you. Here, you’ll learn how to get clarity on the best way to “package” and present your travel writing to maximize your chances of getting published.

Format: Audio Masterclass + PDF Workbook

Masterclass: Building Your Platform 

One measure of success for writers is the size of your audience. It’s a signal to editors that you will bring readers to their publication. In this masterclass, originally created for the book publishing world (but useful for all writers!), Nathan breaks down how to go about building a community and tapping into it during the process of getting published.

Format: Video Masterclass + PDF Workbook

You’ll get instant online access to these four masterclasses the moment you sign up. Just use the button below to register now, and you could be moving forward with your travel writing journey today:

Get started now:

This is a self-paced online course. You get instant access to all materials the moment you register, and they’re yours to keep for life. The investment in Travel Writer Quickstart is $97 USD. 


Hear from travel writers we’ve recently worked with:

 “My writing is so much improved over such a short period of time, and I’ve now got much more confidence in my own abilities.” John McFadzean
“I really enjoyed listening to the masterclasses; they provide an extraordinary amount of rich content, and it’s invaluable.” Ellen Cliggott 
“It’s amazing how much it’s possible to learn in a small period of time. I have also learnt a lot about the editing process — somewhere I really struggled in the past.” Amy-Leah Potter 

“Nathan and Jennifer’s masterclasses are recorded and yet it feels like they are sitting down with you in the moment. I enjoyed being able to listen the first time, taking notes, then listen again as I stepped away from the computer while exercising or commuting to work.” Jennifer Wright



Bonus: Priority consideration on Intrepid Times

We know graduates of Travel Writer Quickstart know what it takes to craft a compelling travel story. Upon registration, you’ll be given a private code you can include in your email subject line when submitting writing to Intrepid Times — this moves your story to the top of the queue.


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