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As the current Global Travel Writer of the Year, Jessica Vincent knows a good story when she sees it. Armed with years of travel and writing experience (and numerous travel writing awards), she and her co-editors recently took on the daunting task of creating an anthology of the best travel writing to come out of Britain during the 21st century. The authors included in the anthology didn’t have to be British, but they did have to have a story published in the UK from 2000 to 2021.

My co-editor, Nathan James Thomas, recently interviewed Jessica and talked to her about how her team combed through the many submissions they received to pick 30 stories that would be representative of the best of British travel writing. They also discussed why travel writing still matters and how reading good travel stories helps shape the way we look at and experience the world, even when we can’t necessarily travel ourselves.

The stories included in the anthology cover travel in Iraq, India, the Congo, Saudi Arabia, and more, offering readers a glimpse not only into travel in the UK, but travel experiences from around the world.

Listen to the interview here:

The Best British Travel Writing of the 21st Century is available now. You can pick up your copy online at Summersdale. You can discover Jessica’s writing and learn more about her work on her website:

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