Has the Internet Ruined Travel Writing?

by Nathan James Thomas

Welcome to an unusual episode of the Travel Writing Podcast — Here, I take the mic solo, for what may be described as a rant but is hopefully more of an exploration of the pressures bearing down on travel writers in today’s world. The perverse incentives of Search Engine Optimization and social media. The perils of perpetual connectivity. How can you write something that will last when your editor only cares about what’s going to rank highly on Google? How can you tune in and be present in the moment, soaking up the wonderful strangeness of an overnight train journey when your phone is vibrating in your pocket, giving you instant access to everyone you know and, perhaps more damagingly, all the obligations of your sedentary life? I explore this in today’s episode of the travel writing podcast. Have no fear — we return to our normal conversation and interview format from the next episode onwards!

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Cover photo credit: NoName_13

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