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Dear writer,

Putting your work out there takes courage, and it can be frustrating: Weeks go by with no response from editors, and when something does finally arrive in your inbox, often it’s just a form rejection letter.

Getting published can be an uphill struggle, and what most of us were taught at school about what constitutes “good writing” really doesn’t cut it in the competitive world of professional publishing.

Friends and family are the opposite: Full of praise because they’re on your side, but lacking in practical steps you can take to make more of an impact with your work.

Often it can feel like you’re writing completely alone, with no one to give you clear, honest guidance on how to actually capture the thoughts and feelings in your head in words that will resonate, truthfully and powerfully, with a mainstream audience.

We’re here to help you fix that.

Intrepid Times has been publishing travel stories since 2014. Our writers and guests include bestselling authors and award-winning journalists, as well as new writers who have shared their very first stories with us.

What they have in common is a passion for travel, a relentless curiosity, and a distinctive way of experiencing the world around us.

If you connect with the stories on Intrepid Times and would like to one day see yourself published, then we are happy to help you get there.

Our writing feedback services give you on-demand access to Intrepid Times editors to provide detailed, helpful, and practical feedback on your travel writing. Our goal is to help you identify your strengths, so you can build on them, and uncover weaknesses, so you can overcome them.

Here’s how the process works:

Step #1: Book Your Article Feedback with the Button Below

Intrepid Times receives far more story submissions than we can publish. While we make an effort to reply to all submissions, purchasing an assessment allows us to allocate serious time to go over your work several times, make in-line comments, and provide thoughtful feedback that you can immediately use.

Step #2: Send in Your Story with Your Private Code

Upon purchase, you will be taken to a private welcome page where you will receive an email address and subject-line “magic word” that you can use to skip the queue and get your article immediately to our editor’s attention. Send through the story or article you would like us to assess, and we’ll do the rest!

[Note: We accept non-fiction stories related to the theme of travel of anywhere from 600 to 2000 words. If you would like to discuss a piece longer than this, please send us an email before purchasing below so we can figure it out].

Step #3: Receive Your Feedback in 3-7 Days

Our editors will immediately carve out time to do a deep dive into your story. You will receive a Google Doc with line-by-line comments and suggestions on how to improve your writing on a sentence level, as well as a detailed, personal email explaining any structural, stylistic, or strategic changes that can increase your odds of success.

We are then happy to take questions and make absolutely sure that you understand the steps you need to take in order to get your writing to where you want it to be: You are welcome to tell us a bit about your writing goals, and we will be happy to advise on the best way to achieve them and provide some resources to help guide your journey.

Here’s what some writers we have worked with have said…

“The feedback provided by Nathan and the team was incredibly quick and valuable … I learned how to take a real-life journey, strip it down, and then rebuild it as a compelling story.“
Thom Brown

“I feel I can now convey my passion and honesty as an author much better, whilst feeling more connected with my audience.”
Hannah Foster-Roe

This is the first time I had an editor review one of my stories and “I’m over the moon!” (Cliché? Smile) Seriously, I’m thankful for all your comments; analyzing them, I can see how much they improve my story.”

…it helped me sift through the noise and share my true written voice…Writing about adventure is an adventure unto itself and I am thrilled to launch into the publication world!”
Sarah Kelly

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Upon checkout you’ll be taken to a private page where you can send us your article. You will receive your feedback normally three days (sometimes up to one week) after sending us your work. Your investment in actionable advice and travel writing guidance is US $75.00

We can’t wait to discover your writing!

Nathan James Thomas & The Intrepid Times Team,


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