Travel Writing Seminar

How to Get Your Travel Writing Published — Live Online Event With the Editors of Intrepid Times [Includes Bonus Article Feedback!]
Update: Registration Closed

When: Sunday, November 12 at 1 PM New York, 6 PM London — Where: Live on Zoom.
What: Learn how to get your travel writing published, ask your questions, and get feedback on your own travel writing.

Dear writer,

Writing the story is one thing, getting it published is another! Join the editors of Intrepid Times for a focused, 90-minute seminar, and learn how to start hearing “yes” when you send out your pitches. 

We’ll show you exactly what editors look for in submissions, the mistakes most novice travel writers make that may be holding you back from publication, and how to craft a pitch that works. 

After the seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and share your own writing with the editors of Intrepid Times for priority publishing consideration and to get quick feedback on your writing.

Excited to get your travel writing out into the world? Here’s how the travel writing seminar will go:

  • Register: Secure your place with the button below! Because we want to provide plenty of opportunities to answer your questions and get to know your writing, places are strictly limited.
  • Join: Before the event, we’ll share private Zoom details you can use to join us on Sunday, November 12, at 1 PM EST
  • Learn: We’ll kick off with a crash course on how to get your travel writing published. Learn the 5 mistakes most novice travel writers make that hold you back from publication. Learn the tricks to compose an irresistible pitch. Understand how to impress a travel editor and build valuable connections with industry gatekeepers.
  • Ask: We’ll allow plenty of time for you to ask any questions you have about the craft and business side of being a professional travel writer.
  • Edit: After the seminar, you’re going to be inspired to write or edit your own travel stories! We’ll provide handy notes so you can easily apply what you’ve learned.
  • Pitch: Bypass our standard submission process and pitch your newly refined story directly to our editors and receive priority consideration for publication on Intrepid Times.
  • Feedback: Get quick feedback on your story; learn how to lean into your strengths and correct for your weaknesses.
Just $65 — Includes seminar attendance, article feedback (normally $75 alone!), and priority consideration for all stories you submit to Intrepid Times! 

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Meet the Editors of Intrepid Times, Ask Your Questions, Learn How to Get Your Work Published:

Nathan James Thomas is the founder of Intrepid Times (2014) and author of “Travel Your Way” (2022) and “Untethered” (2023). An experienced publisher, editor, and published author, his work has been featured in numerous print and online publications, including Lonely Planet, Roads & Kingdoms, Outpost Magazine, and, of course, Intrepid Times. Jennifer Roberts, senior editor at Intrepid Times, fell in love with travel writing in Thailand in 2016. A skilled teacher and editor, she has a knack for helping writers find their voice and craft crisp stories out of the raw material of travel.  

Here are some of the writers we’ve worked with, in their own words:

“I now have much more confidence in my own ability as a writer.” —John McFadzean

“The support and feedback from Jennifer and Nathan, as well as the other students was invaluable. Highly recommend!” —Amy-Leah Potter

“I feel I can now convey my passion and honesty as an author much better, whilst feeling more connected with my audience.”
Hannah Foster-Roe

“The feedback provided by Nathan and the team was incredibly quick and valuable. Nathan explained how to describe a scene rather than merely stating how it made me feel. While remaining positive at all times, he showed me where I was wasting words and how to reallocate them towards writing a story that truly transports the reader. Most importantly, I learned how to take a real-life journey, strip it down, and then rebuild it as a compelling story.”
Thom Brown



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