Podcast: Grab Attention and Don’t Let It Go

by Jennifer Roberts

When planning your next travel story, remember that introductions often receive a lot of attention…and for good reason! The first paragraph is where you can grab the attention of their reader and keep them engaged until the end… or not! And once the reader gets to the end of your story, the conclusion helps to wrap everything up and leave them feeling satisfied. Both the first and last paragraphs are key, and today’s podcast episode offers practical tips for how you can do both well so that you grab attention and never let it go.

This episode comprises two excerpts, each taken from a masterclass offered in Travel Writer Transformation, Intrepid Times’ 8-week writing course. If this episode piques your interest (just like a good first paragraph!) and you’d like access to more masterclasses and one-on-one feedback as you develop your own travel story, we’d love to have you on board for Travel Writer Transformation which starts on September 25. You can find more information and register here.

Listen to the full episode here:

(You can also listen on Spotify and iTunes)

The excerpt from the masterclass on first paragraphs references introductions from two Intrepid Times stories. You can access those stories here:

Street Dancing With Shiva by Fiona Davies

Shantha the Rasta by Thomas Heaton

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