Travel Writing Series

Travel Writing Series
“How Travel Changed Me”

Dear Writer,

As possibilities for future journeys shimmer tantalizingly on the horizon, now is the perfect time to reflect on the important role that travel has played in shaping who we are.

Submissions are now open for our new travel writing series “How Travel Changed Me.” With this series of true travel stories, we aim to help writers and readers connect with the excitement and significance of past journeys, as we get excited about the opportunities ahead.

Submission Criteria:

  • All writers can participate, including established authors as well as budding, hitherto unpublished writers
  • Please keep your story between 800 and 1500 words
  • Stories must be factual (non-fiction)
  • Please only submit original, unpublished work
  • This is an ongoing series, with submissions on this theme accepted until June 1, 2021, and selected entries published on an ongoing basis starting in April.

Please email your submissions as a Word Doc attachment to: with the subject “How Travel Changed Me”

Important note #1: Intrepid Times editors are looking for a compelling narrative that will pull readers in. While you are invited to discuss yourself, your own life and your experiences/perspectives, editors are looking for stories that will have meaning and value for a wide range of readers.

Important note #2: While we are happy to receive submissions from all writers, detailed feedback on entries not accepted for publication will only be sent to Intrepid Times Writer’s Club members (if you are a member and want feedback, please let us know in your submission email using your member’s code, and you will receive detailed feedback within 5-7 days).

Important note #3: Intrepid Times does not charge for our content or display ads, but we do pay all our writers a modest, standard fee determined by our budget in the month that a piece is accepted. You will have the opportunity to review the proposed fee before agreeing to be published, but we are unable to negotiate the amount on an ad-hoc basis.


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